Thanks for your interest in working with Super Retail Group.

Below you’ll find further information and links to relevant Trade Partner documentation and material.


Our Accounts Payable team is responsible for processing all Trade Partner invoices and is the first point of contact for any queries relating to invoices and payments. If you have a query relating to product pricing, these are handled by our merchandising team.

Brisbane Office:

Telephone: +61 7 3482 7900
Fax: +61 7 3205 8469
Postal address: PO Box 344 Strathpine Qld 4500

Sydney Office:

Telephone: +61 2 8866 6645
Fax: +61 2 8866 6691
Postal address: PO Box 7534 Silverwater NSW 2128


Each of our retail brands has a dedicated merchandising team, who are responsible for bringing both the range of products and price point options to the end customer. To send your product submission for us to consider, please contact the relevant brand merchandise team using the details provided here.


e-Business is the electronic exchange of information in a defined and structured format between our business and our suppliers and is our preferred option for trading with our partners.

There are many advantages to trading electronically with us, including:

  • faster, more efficient and more accurate procurement
  • increased service levels and compliance
  • overall supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Enhanced collaboration with our Trade Partners.

Our B2B capabilities extend to the exchange of transactional business documents through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or webforms (a cost-free web browser-based solution). Our current message suite is derived from the EANCOM2002 D.01B standard.

As trading electronically with us is by invitation only, please register your interest in eBusiness or direct any questions to us via email at


Our Supply Chain team manages the movement of products from import and local Trade Partners to service all channels and brands within Super Retail Group (store, online, commercial). As part of this activity, our Group Supply Chain manages company-owned distribution centres in both Australia and New Zealand. Our objective is to provide products and services to customers the way they choose, while optimising costs and inventory. We are committed to ensuring our team operates safely in all aspects of our operations.

DC Terms and Conditions
Import Receival Terms and Conditions
SRG Logistics Packaging Labelling Barcoding Specifications v7.1.1
Pallet Policy


Responsible Sourcing at Super Retail Group means that we take steps to promote fair working conditions, sustainability and improved environmental outcomes in our supply chain.

Working in collaboration with our Trade Partners is one of the keys to our success and we ask all our Trade Partners to work with us to create supply chains that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and free of human exploitation.

To view the documents and supporting materials that underpin our responsible sourcing program, please visit the RESPONSIBLE SOURCING index below.

Accounts & Finance

Accounts Payable Information

Category Management

Gifts and Gratuities
Merchandising Contacts
BCF Range Review Schedule FY20



SRG EDI Trade Partner Guide
Site Details - GLN


Supply Chain

APC Action Plan 2014-2018
GSDN Package Measurement Rules
Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

Responsible Sourcing

Video to Trade Partners
Video to Trade Partners - Chinese Version
Responsible Sourcing Policy
Responsible Sourcing Code
Responsible Sourcing Questionnaire
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