Corporate Governance

Super Retail Group is committed to sound corporate governance standards that protect and enhance the long term performance of the Group, taking proper account of our stakeholder interests. The Corporate Governance Framework and practices of Super Retail Group are set out in a number of key documents and policies. These key documents and policies are available to access by clicking on the following links.

Released 01/10/20
PDF 581.9Kb
Released 01/10/20
PDF 725.8Kb
Released 01/06/20
PDF 440.5Kb
Released 01/06/20
PDF 316.76Kb
Released 26/02/20
PDF 3.63Mb
Released 04/02/20
PDF 146.54Kb
Released 20/12/19
PDF 550.88Kb
Released 22/10/19
PDF 359.47Kb
Released 14/08/19
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