Our Community & Environment

Sustainability is strongly linked to our business strategy. We are dedicated to achieving profitable and sustainable growth in a manner consistent with our Group Values and we are committed to social and environmental initiatives which are designed to benefit our team, customers, trade partners and the communities in which we operate.

With one of our Group Values defined as ‘Care’, we strive to lead by example and invest our time, financial support and resources in a variety of initiatives. Examples of this philosophy in practice include:

Environmental initiatives - We are taking steps to adapt to a circular economy model by providing recyclable packaging to our customers, incorporating materials with recycled content in selected products, making it easier for our customers to recycle some of the products we sell, and reducing/recycling waste generated in our own operations. We are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, an agreement between government, industry and community groups to find and fund solutions to address packaging sustainability issues and  are committed to designing more sustainable packaging, increasing our recycling rates and reducing packaging litter.

Social education and community contribution - We demonstrate support for the communities in which we operate through strategic partnerships such as Macpac’s Fund for Good, BCF’s partnership with OzFish and Rebel’s NextGen Program. Our decisions about how we can best support communities are based on our capacity to strengthen a community and the alignment to our core purpose and values. We provide various forms of leave to help our team members to undertake civic activities, including emergency services leave and natural disaster leave, as well as paid leave to team members donating to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. We also support our community through employment, taxes and education programs.

Ethical working and employment practices - We are strongly committed to adhering to and respecting human rights standards, both locally and internationally. We have a commitment to equal employment opportunities and to a bullying, harassment and discrimination-free work environment, open door communication and the gathering of team member feedback, fair trading practices, team member development and involvement in negotiations over pay and conditions, product quality standards, workplace health and safety and responsible sourcing.



Reducing our environmental footprint helps us meet our stakeholders’ expectations and remain competitive. Addressing environmental impacts associated with our operations, in particular waste, packaging and energy use are our key areas of focus in reducing our environmental footprint.

Waste Reduction

We continue to promote waste minimisation to our team members using various internal communications channels, including intranet, email, store bulletins and team meetings. Our goal is to continuously increase our recycling rates across the Group by raising team member awareness, identifying new waste streams for recycling, performing informal waste reviews at selected sites and liaising with our waste provider to identify opportunities for improvement.

Packaging optimisation program

This program started in 2010 and involves reducing air space and changing packing methods to reduce the amount of packaging material. Since that time, we have reduced a significant amount of packaging that could potentially become waste. The Group also saved on shipping costs by optimising carton sizes on tertiary packaging.

Australian Packaging Covenant

We are committed to establishing a ‘framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging’ through an educational approach with our team, our trade partners and our customers. Since becoming a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant in July 2008, Super Retail Group has embraced the principles of product stewardship to ensure the environmental impact on new or existing packaging is continuously monitored and minimised. We are committed to developing processes that embody the principles of product stewardship with an aim to continually improve our environmental impact with respect to packaging and waste management via:

  • Development of internal policies and proceduresto govern product packaging and operations in accordance with the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines
  • Promotion of existing recycling activities to customers and team members to improve knowledge and awareness of recycling options
  • Use of recycle logo in our packaging and catalogues to encourage waste recycling
  • Regular articles on waste and environmental topics in our internal communication channels to increase our team members' awareness; and
  • Engaging with our waste provider in a regular basis to improve our waste management practices.

APC Report & Action Plan FY 19/20

APC Report & Action Plan FY 18/19

APC Report FY 17/18

APC Report FY 15/16

APC Report FY 14/15

Customer automotive battery recycling

In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we continue to explore options to offer our customers the ability to return selected products directly to our retail stores which are then collected and distributed to recycling facilities. Supercheap Auto accepts used car batteries in all retail stores which are collected and returned to a recycling facility where the lead and plastic is reused in manufacturing new products. We continue to explore recycling opportunities as an added service and convenience to our customers in support of the environment.

Power usage reduction

We are committed to reducing power usage and monitoring our performance by exploring and implementing a number of initiatives across the Group, including:

  • Implementation of organisational culture initiatives - educating team members on how to reduce power usage
  • Team member engagement – seeking feedback from team members on how to further improve energy efficiency
  • Structural initiatives – changing building specifications, such as lighting upgrades and heat reflective roof paint
  • Installation of energy saving devices and control equipment, such as ‘smart’ thermostats and light sensors; and
  • Procedural initiatives – optimising the hours of operation of equipment, e.g. air conditioning, lighting and illuminated signage through timers and PE cells.

Climate Change

To ensure transparency and better management of climate change in our business operations, in 2015 Super Retail Group reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) via their climate change questionnaire for the first time. The report discloses our greenhouse gas emissions and climate change data and includes our carbon emissions in Australia and New Zealand (where possible).

By disclosing through the CDP, we aim to improve the management of our carbon footprint, manage the risks and opportunities from climate change and identify areas for emissions and cost reductions.

CDP Report 2018

CDP Report 2017

CDP Report 2016

CDP Report 2015

Responsible Sourcing

Super Retail Group is committed to ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices in all aspects of our operations including our supply chain.

Our approach to responsible sourcing is underpinned by two main documents: our Responsible Sourcing Policy and our Responsible Sourcing Code. The policy reinforces our commitment to responsible sourcing and replaces our Ethical Sourcing policy. The Code sets out our responsible sourcing criteria, in line with international standards. Compliance verification procedures are in place and include a risk based audit program.

The Group’s Responsible Sourcing criteria for Trade Partners and factories are that they:

  • Comply with national laws applicable in the country of manufacture
  • Be open and honest in their dealing with the Group
  • Not use child labour
  • Ensure employment is freely chosen and do not use forced or bonded labour
  • Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Ensure that working conditions are safe, healthy and hygienic
  • Pay fair wages
  • Ensure that working hours are not excessive
  • Treat workers fairly and with respect
  • Not subcontract without the Group’s authorisation
  • Implement environmental protection and management measures
  • Report to the Group breaches of the Responsible Sourcing Policy criteria

Working in collaboration with our Trade Partners is one of the keys to our success and we ask all our Trade Partners to work with us to create supply chains that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and free of human exploitation.

To view the documents and supporting materials that underpin our responsible sourcing program, please click here.


We proudly provide our support to the following community organisations and initiatives:


CARMA is a nation-wide road safety campaign, championed by Supercheap Auto V8 Supercar legend Russell Ingall and leading road safety advocate Russell White. The campaign aims to reduce the number of fatalities on Australian roads by educating drivers about safe behavioural road practices. A not-for-profit campaign, CARMA is designed to teach drivers to have greater awareness of the road environment and how to behave responsibly when behind the wheel.

CARMA is supported by Supercheap Auto and DriverSafety.com.au.

Heart Kids New Zealand

In 2009, we began our partnership with Heart Kids to help support children with heart conditions and their families within New Zealand.

Each week, 1 in every 100 children born in New Zealand is born with a heart defect and heart disease is the leading cause of death in young children. Heart Kids provides emotional support, practical support, specialised equipment, education, information, advocacy, friendship and fun. Every year during the months of May and November New Zealand accept donations for Heart Kids during the months of May and November.

OzFish Unlimited

BCF partnered with fishing conservation organisation OzFish Unlimited to build a legacy of healthy waterways for future generations both inshore and offshore.

By investing in grassroots projects to resnag our rivers and lakes and fundraising through BCF's 'Round Up Campaign', our ultimate goal is to build a community of environmental stewards who are empowered to actively manage the health of our waterways.

Supporting Women in Sport

Rebel is committed to women in sport. From supporting grassroots participation to elite athletes, we've made investments across all the major sporting codes - including cricket, football, netball, rugby league and AFL - because we want to inspire the stars of tomorrow by lifting the profile of female stars today. We're proud of our role in helping girls appreciate that sport is not just a hobby, but a viable career path.


For more information about our programs and annual performance, please refer to our most recent Sustainability Report, available at the Reports & Publications section.